Broadcast Your Listing
Across Your Brokerage,

The ONLY Marketing Tool
You Will Ever Need!

Broadcast your property listing across any specific brokerage office, access real-time analytics and start messaging with interested buyers agents!

How It Works

  • Easily activate your realtor account with your phone number, enter the activation code and get started!

  • Select the status of your listing and enter the property’s address

  • All property information will auto-populate in your broadcast with the description, features, photos, and price for you

  • Review, update and approve your listings property information

  • Select the brokerage and specific offices you’d like to broadcast your listing. You may select up to 10 offices for each broadcast!

  • Send a test broadcast to yourself for final approval. When you’re ready, visit your dashboard to send immediately or schedule the exact time you want your broadcast to be sent.

  • Sit back and watch the click rates in your dashboard in real-time

  • Immediately receive communication with buyers agents that respond via RealMsg Messenger.

Text Blasts


Open Rate


Click Rate

Email Blasts


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What RealMsg does for you?

Reach every realtor with a click! Instantly broadcast your listing to your entire office, all your brokerage offices or any brokerage offices in your area!

Sell your listing faster than ever! Get up to 10 offices to see your listings instantly. You choose the offices, Realmsg does the rest!

Impress your sellers with the results! Share the listings broadcast results with your seller and watch the results with our click rate and tracking analytics in real-time together!

Walk Through The Steps!

Select Your
Property Status

Identify the status of your property

  • Just Listed
  • Price Reduced
  • Open House
  • Back on Market
  • Home for Lease

Plug-In Your
Property Info

The minute you type in your property address we populate property features, description, images, and price to create your broadcast in seconds.

Customize Your
Flyer and Text

This your time to put your personal stamp on your broadcast by updating and approving your text message content, flyer content and add your website/social page links!

Preview and
Schedule You Blast

Once you’ve approved your broadcast, send yourself a preview of what others will see and go to your dashboard to schedule when you want your broadcast to be sent!

How We Do It?

Pinpoint Exposure

RealMsg’s brokerage targeting technology lets any realtor instantly increase the scale of their marketing with a text message broadcast sent directly into the hands of realtors in your office or any brokerage offices in your area.

Instant Flyers

Enter your property address and our technology will auto-populate your property flyer to include all your property’s features, description, images and price providing you with a perfect property flyer within minutes.

Direct Communication

Communicate directly with buyer’s agents who are interested and responded to your broadcast in real-time, 24/7 directly within your RealMsg messenger.

Transparent Tracking

View clear, in-depth insight into your click-rates and campaign analytics by analyzing who is viewing your flyer and how many times. RealMsg gives you insight on your total click-rate while identifying multiple clicks and provides you the insight to move more properties.

Real Agents Reply!

Jim Rice

"Realmsg broadcast tracking & analytics gave me insight on marketing that was never possible with my email blasts. I'm now able to see who is clicking on my flyers in real-time."

Bethany Rose

"Realmsg allowed me to push out marketing blasts for my new listing and upcoming open house the first week I listed. Directly from my marketing blasts, I generated 3 showings with one resulting in an offer on the home. This product has changed the game for marketing my listings, I don't know how I ever managed without it."