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Take time to consider your home selling goals. Have comparable area homes sold for a price with which you’d be comfortable? Use our bottom line calculator to make sure the numbers work.

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Find your pricing sweet spot

Take a close look at recent sales of comparable homes in your area. Did they sell above or below listing price? How long were they on the market? When a property is priced right, it sells quickly. Use our pricing tool to help you find the most effective listing price for your home.

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Prep your home

Remove clutter, stage empty rooms with furniture, and invest in a professional cleaning service before your home is photographed or an open house is hosted. You may want to repaint some walls, but don’t invest in any major remodeling—you don’t know potential buyers’ tastes. Need help? We’ve got your back.

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Assemble your support team

Your team should include a real estate attorney, an appraiser, a professional photographer (perhaps also a videographer), a cleaning service and home improvement specialist. The only person missing should be the seller’s agent: that’s you!

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Broadcast your listing

Easily build your listing on Homecast®. We'll guide you through the process as you construct the perfect listing to highlight your home.

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Promote an open house

Open houses can save you a ton of time and help you instantly gauge consumer interest in your home. Schedule yours for within a week after posting your listing, and remember to put out a sign-up sheet so you can follow up with the people who viewed your home in order to gather valuable feedback.

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Communicate with buyers

When you sell with Homecast, you’re the one interacting with prospective buyers. Strike up conversations with interested parties at your open house, and through our communications hub, to find out what they think of your home. You may discover an easy update that could help raise your property’s value. Then it’s time to field offers, negotiate a final price, and make that sale!

Top 5 questions to ask buyers

Want to find out how much your home is worth? Homecast® now offers a FREE Home Value Report that helps you price smarter!

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