Save money listing your home rather than with Drexel Hill Realtors and Real Estate Agents

Make improvements to your home before listing it for sale! A remodel does not mean go big. Keep remodels simple like replacing a stair railing or bathroom sink. Be leery on redoing your entire kitchen, as it will be costly and you may not be able to recoup that value of the money you put in initially.

Don’t forget to de-clutter your home in Drexel Hill! When listing any home for sale, it is important to repaint that hot pink bedroom wall or tuck away your Mickey Mouse collection. A new home buyer needs to be able to visualize how their belongings and life will be like inside the home. Don’t know what to do without of excess closet or storage junk? It is probably time to toss it! In turn, throwing away any excess clutter will be helpful when it comes to your moving day in Drexel Hill. You want to let the potential new home buyer to be able to see just how big that closet space really is or the garage as that! Show off that walk in closet!

Know The Right Price

There are websites like Zillow that can help you assess the right price for your home depending on your location, public information like public records, or the current market standing of real estates. Pricing plays a major role in the business of selling and buying houses. It is important that you do not set a price tag that is too high or too low. Also, do not rely on the original house price when you got the house because real estate prices fluctuate over time.

Get In touch With Your HOA

There could be limitations in the number of houses being sold in your neighborhood at the discretion of your Homeowners Association and to make sure to get a slot, contact them as soon as you have decided to sell your home.

Tips On Selling Your Own Home Without A Realtor

Whether the market is down or the market is up, learn how to sell your home fast in Drexel Hill without cutting into your profits! Want to save on Drexel Hill real estate agents? The prep work in selling your home in Drexel Hill matters just as much as when you plan a vacation. Spring is the most popular time to sell your home in Drexel Hill. In most cases, the weather is becoming warm with trees and flowers blooming. After a long dreadful winter for many, you better have your home in shape to sell by spring!
If you want to save money in selling your home, you can choose not to hire a realtor and sell your house by yourself. It can be stressful at times, but there are tips on how you can do it properly and achieve favorable outcome. The traditional commission a real estate agent gets is 6% of the sales price. So if a house sells at $500,000, you should be able to save $30,000. Six percent can be a relatively big amount of money that can be used for other things like the improvement of your new home, school expenses of your kids, vacation fund, and many others. We have listed down tips on how to sell your house without a real estate agent.

Practice Your Negotiation Skills

Train on your negotiation skills - You can watch video tutorials on YouTube, read eBooks, read articles, to ready yourself with the inevitable negotiations with buyers.

Make Sure your House Is Ready

Without a realtor, no one will tell you from a professional point of view if your house is ready for selling. What you have to do is make sure that your house is clean, de-cluttered, presentable, likeable, and homey. There are home stagers that can do consultations for a low price that will give you information on how to maximize your house’s potential during open houses.

Be sure to take a look at the market before listing your home in Drexel Hill for sale. If you are looking to sell your home fast, choose the right price. Going too high and out of reach can lead it to sit and going to low can make some say “what is wrong with it?” Price correctly but competitively to sell your home fast in Drexel Hill!

Know Legal Matters

As a seller you have legal duties, obligation, and responsibilities to follow. It is unwise to go on a battle unarmed especially when legalities are involved. Some requirements like forms can be obtained online, but house titles and contracts should be handled by a real estate attorney.

Act Like A Pro

Even if it’s your first time to sell a house, do not give the impression that you are a novice in front of your buyer. They may take advantage of your inexperience for their benefit. Learn how to act, talk, and negotiate like a pro. Keep the saying “Fake it til you make it” on your mind during the whole process. Dress smart during house visits, use professional looking for signage outside your home and not a cutout cardboard with a “For Sale” sign written using a sharpie.

Don’t Be Emotional

Prevent being too emotional or too attached during negotiations as this could be your downfall. During negotiations, proceed with discussions in a businesslike manner and tone. Do not bring up memories linked to your house, do not allow buyers to use your emotion to get discounts. You should be able to stand your ground and think only of the financial aspect of the transaction.

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