Most people only sell a home once in their lives, and the cost of commissions and fees doesn’t come up until arrival at the settlement table. They never realize how much they could have saved. But, traditional real estate is changing, and now you have more options. Take a look at the stories below to see how Homecast can save you money.

Tom and Naomi need a new home for their growing family.

With two kids and a third on the way, Tom and Naomi are quickly outgrowing their first home. But, after calculating a traditional real estate agent’s commission and fees, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to afford something larger than what they have now.

With Homecast, Tom and Jennifer saved $14,010. Now they can afford a home with an extra bedroom for baby #3.

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Elaine and Fred are empty nesting.

Now that their children have moved away from the family home, Elaine and Fred no longer need so much space. They want to sell their large home and put the savings toward travel. But, traditional real estate costs means they won’t have much left over after downsizing.

With Homecast, Elaine and Fred saved $17,564. Now they can afford that Alaskan cruise they’ve been eyeing.

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Susanna is relocating to a new city for her dream job.

Susanna thought she’d be putting down roots when she purchased her first home, but a new opportunity has her moving away sooner than expected. She doesn’t want to lose money on her investment, but the cost of commission is going to hit her hard.

With Homecast, Susanna saved $12,450. It’s going back in her savings account, where it belongs.

Do the numbers work for you?

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